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Book Recommendation: Moriarty - The Hound Of The D’Urbervilles by Kim Newman

Written from the perspective of Sebastian Moran’s private journal the book is a series of short stories about some of Moran’s adventures working for Proffessor Moriarty.

I cannot overstate how entertaining this book is, Moran is such an enjoyable scoundrel and the way the book defines his not quite friendship with Moriarty is so investing that you really do start to root for them to win. The ending of the book will wreck you.

The adventures are pretty fun and outright ridiculous at ties, some of them acting as equivalents for stories in the Holmes canon without being direct parallels. With cheeky title parodies and lots of allusions to the ACD canon.

I found myself laughing aloud at so many moments like

Someone shot him. Oops, it might have been me.


That snake-oscillation mannerism always gave him away. He didn’t list card sharping among his favoured crimes, or he’d have known about ‘tells’ and taken steps to suppress his. On one occasion, I tried to raise the matter in as tactful a fashion as possible, venturing to suggest that the Professor moderate his ‘cobra-neck tell’ when incognito.
"what are you talking about, Moran? Have you been at thediacetylmorphine hydrochloride again?” 

And when Moriarty punishes Moran at one point by sending his second favourite whore away to Siberia.

Also Raffles and Bunny make a brief appearance in the story:

I’ve known clever crooks undone by devotion to imbecile girlfriends. Raffles and Manders showed it was the same story among the bumboys. 

So yes, if you haven’t then READ IT. READ IT NOW.

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