Has anybody seen my tambourine?
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Viclockians: would you be willing to donate some things for viclockcon

I’m doing a thing that will involve lots of props and wigs and the like and I have no budget so if I could borrow some supplies for one day I would be eternally grateful

props will be mixed up but I’ll try and find a way to keep the wigs neat so they don’t get damaged 

More details soon but if anyone would be willing to help out and donate just for a day?

  1. ladyveldy answered: I only have two wigs and not so much variation in my wardrobe, but I would love to help :)
  2. songofages answered: If I go as jawn I will still have a black wig people can borrow. Plus sting and a pirate sword can be brought?
  3. momentai-rawr answered: I don’t have a lot, but i am happy to lend what I have. Maybe make a list for people? :3
  4. dreameranddancer answered: I can lend you things! Just tell me what you need~
  5. bonzananza answered: My extensive cosplay wardrobe is at your disposal.
  6. wingsunfurled answered: i have a random assortment of wigs and props that I could lend.
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  8. ellebrat said: What kind of wigs do you need and what date?
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