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The nightmare that plagued her loved ones for years afterwards looked like this: her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever.

But if you were to meet her afterwards, you might be shocked at how she gave no indication of being affected by that nightmare. How alive she was, how bold, and how markedly different. Here was a new person. Here was no meek, crumpled form wasting away in a moldy dungeon, water dripping on the bones, flesh eaten away, a rotting thing with coils of well-preserved bright hair.

Because it didn’t happen, thought her mother. She’s safe now, thought her father. Thank Merlin, thought her brothers.

But privately, she’d always assumed that it did happen. Something had died. Something had been discarded and left behind in the chamber. She had simply resolved to make it the fearful something, the selfish something that worried incessantly about boys who might like her, the something too paralyzed to speak; the something which might have been too self-conscious to befriend loony or round-faced, unpopular people; the something obsessed with staying quiet and meek and nice. That something was rotting at the bottom of the dungeon now.

And when she had the dream, it did not scare her. It only reminded her that she’d died and come out on the other side, and she would do so again, she would be foolish and she would be manipulated and she would rot and she would fail, because all people did. But you could choose what part of you would live on. You could recover. New. Unafraid.


if I may get all harry potter geek on you for a moment

aside from cars and radio most wizarding technology seems frozen somewhere between the middle ages and a decade ago

which makes some sense because they have magic to compensate so why would they need to advance their technology, also a lot of the wizarding world lives in isolation anyway due to the secrecy statute and freedom of magic culture so despite the intermarriage between witches and muggles and so on I get the separation there, but it seems less like technological convergence and more like developmental stagnation.

also the fact that in the british isles all wizarding children above the age of ten end up in a magic boarding school for a good seven years and even if you’re muggle born that has a definite impact


after the return of voldermort things got so bad that even muggles noticed

there’s just some things you can’t cover up and I hardly think death eaters worried much about muggle lives or the secrecy statute

so let’s assume that after the events of the harry potter books the following happened:

A period of reparations and reforms, 

after a couple decades of denial and a few years of war the societal impacts upon wizarding society was probably dramatic enough

amongst the tired rebuilding of establishments you have to take into account that here is a generation of kids who were involved in a war and opinions on the racial supremacy had already changed since the days of Voldermort’s first rise to power, during Harry’s years the pureblood rascist ideal was already frowned upon despite being fairly common, nothing like a war and attempted genocide to bring the push for racial equality forward. Surely Hermione wasn’t the only young witch promoting equality for all magical beings, and there must be so many stories like Lupin’s of prejudice and fear, (which I’m aware are metaphors of issues like racism and sexuality and so on so I’m gonna go ahead and assume that things like sexuality and gender identity and so on aren’t an issue n the wizarding world okay just let me pls).

People would have become thoroughly disenfranchised with the Ministry and the Daily Prophet as well so dramatic changes in management would have to happen there

and that’s just around england and scotland I’m talking about, in the books there’s suggestion’s of Voldermort’s forces spanning a large bit of Europe at the very least, there would have been a global impact of ideals

and as I mentioned above, the period of the last couple books would have involved a lot of wizard kind exposing themselves to muggles, the statute of secrecy would have been on it’s last legs, let us just imagine if it was decided that they would slowly dissolve it over decades

so first the rebuild of the wizarding world in the wake of tragedy, the the social revolution of rights for magical beings and witches and wizards of all sorts, then the generation that grew up during Voldermort’s return and the reformation would be sending their kids to school (19 years later) and that generation of wizarding kids would have grown up under different attitudes and circumstances and would have improved muggle studies in their schooling in a push for integration  and then that generation would grow up and would invent more wizard versions of muggle things and incorporate muggle subjects into schooling and the generation that grew up on that mixture of magic and technology would be the ambassadors to fully reveal wizardkind to the muggle world and shhhh this is my fantasy for the universe okay.

basically I want a lot of stories about the impact that the events of the last few books had on wizarding society as a whole including technology, hell: can you imagine the convergence of science and magic on medicine? HOW FRICKING COOL IS THAT CONCEPT ON IT’S OWN WHERE IS MY STORY ABOUT THE MAGIC MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS?


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i have a lot of secret hermione headcanons like. she was insufferable at muggle school as well and generally not well liked. she was the girl whose parents were both dentists and she read too many books and tried to talk to people in her class about them but they generally thought she was trying to show off. so when she gets into hogwarts she throws herself into the new culture and reads as many books as her parents will pay for, including her text books and several history books and when her parents refuse to buy the unabridged history of magic and also some legends, she seriously considers hiding out in flourish and blotts so she can just read it in the bookstore. but she wears her robes around the house and sends about forty letters to hogwarts asking questions about the school year and the course load and how the grading scale works and if they’re very sure they’ve told her everything she’s going to need. and her parents are worried about her but they had been already? because she has such a hard time making friends. and they hope she’ll be able to make friends at hogwarts.

the first letter she sends them is full of descriptions of the castle and the sorting and background information on gryffindor and she mentions that she met neville and he’s very sweet, and the classes are so interesting, and she loves them very much! and the next few are also like that and kind of strained. and they suspect (correctly) that she again does not have friends.

a couple weeks into november, she sends them a letter full of complaints about ron’s study habits and how he’s teaching her wizard chess and how both he and harry are very brave but also not very good students. and she tells them about hagrid, who is eight and a half feet tall and the nicest person she has ever met. 

they stop worrying as much until they get a letter at the end of term saying that hermione has broken about 20 school rules and also congratulations your daughter scored over 100% on almost every exam.


8. the magic begins a scene you really wanted to be in the movies but wasn’t → career advice

“Well, then, I am confused…I’m afraid I don’t quite understand how you can give Mr. Potter false hope that —”
“False hope?” repeated Professor McGonagall, still refusing to look round at Professor Umbridge. “He has achieved high marks in all his Defense Against the Dark Arts tests —”
“I am terribly sorry to have to contradict you, Minerva, but as you will see from my note, Harry has been achieving very poor results in his classes with me —”
“I should have made my meaning plainer,” said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look Umbridge directly in the eyes. “He has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher.”



“Harry can hear an eerie, mysterious voice that echoes from somewhere in the distance”


Harry Potter +  The Hogwarts Express


oh my gosh



some of the illustrations in pottermore, oh man


I never knew Javert went to Beauxbatons.


I just rediscovered the comic that first informed me of what a Mary-sue was

it’s still basically the greatest thing you will ever read on the topic

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Quotes from the Harry Potter Books [14/50]

    Did you know that cricket matches can last as long as five days? It’s a popular way to kill time while waiting for Quidditch to end.
— Mike Nelson in the Chamber of Secrets rifftrax