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Quotes from the Harry Potter Books [14/50]

    Did you know that cricket matches can last as long as five days? It’s a popular way to kill time while waiting for Quidditch to end.
— Mike Nelson in the Chamber of Secrets rifftrax

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He couldn’t know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: ‘To Harry Potter - The Boy Who Lived!’


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Can anyone (and this is a genuine question) think of another book series that had book sale dates so popular the lines went out the store and some of the shops threw parties and people dressed as the characters for it, sometimes for prizes, and then adults and children alike proceded to read nonstop for the next 24 hours till it was finished?

I can think of book premiers that have a similar level of excitement (The Fault In Our Stars had this to an extent, and as much as I hate it- Twilight had a similar frenzy of excitement for the books) but not quite to the same extreme now with the amount of people in costume (which, granted, is more to do with genre but still)

I mean, this is par for cult movies, but most books take generations to amass this much adoration.

am I saying Harry Potter is the best series ever? Not in the least! I’m saying that something unique and wonderful happened with Harry Potter that I feel fortunate to have experienced  since it seems as historically significant as the detail that fans of Sherlock Holmes wore black mourning crepes on their hats when he was killed off: I feel like I got to experience literary history.


The boy who lived… for the greater good.

Yeah… I’ve been listening to Sorcerer’s Stone this week.


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FYI: ever since I first discovered fanart was a thing I've adored Tealin's Harry Potter drawings



i mean this is a boy who basically thinks that if you make a true statement and then sneer it is automatically a very clever insult?







#draco malfoy expert wordsmith #luckily harry and ron have really low rival standards#ron is basically like WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT THE COLOR OF MY HAIR #WAS THAT A TRUE FACT YOU JUST SAID #FIGHT ME!!!!


This line. If you are not familiar with this line, then you are not an MST3K fan. I died when I heard it. XD

I read it in the voice oh my god


BONUS PROMPT: haggled prompt number 6- fantasy (genre swap)

By: do-you-have-a-flag (team new scotland yard)


deliberately emulating pottermore’s art style a little here

Jim Moriarty knew what it took to get Sherlock to come out and play, the wizard called himself a consulting detective to try and mystify the more old fashioned witches and wizards but they both knew that all he was after was a chase to pursue and a problem to solve.
Standing in the middle of a Muggle museum and summoning something large and fiery from his wand, Moriarty casually defied everything that the statute of wizarding secrecy stood for. Across the waves at Azkaban at that very moment, every cell in Azkaban lost it’s magical enchantments and soon prisoners were streaming out. At Gringotts, hundreds of treasures and money rose from their vaults and, untouched by hand, beat open the doors and flew upwards and outwards, confusing the goblin bankers and sending them scurrying around frantically trying to retrieve them.
Jim Moriarty had a plan and the end result could mean Sherlock being known as one of the great dark wizards of his time. 


BONUS PROMPT: haggled prompt number 6- fantasy (genre swap)

By: do-you-have-a-flag (team new scotland yard)


deliberately emulating pottermore’s art style a little here

Irene walked swiftly in the direction to Diagon Alley’s entrance, her session with her last client had run a bit long and the ambassador would probably feel it in the morning but she had gotten the information se needed without the use of any spells or potions that could be tracked back to her.
She ducked into a non descript alley and took out her cloak, fastening the collar and flipping back the hood in time to see a group of people spot her and star to walk forward. Oh, more muggles, chavs by the look of it and their fairly drunk accents. 
A few quick scare tactics and some memory charms later and the gang who had approached her with such dirty intentions were a giggling drooling pile on the floor of the alley.
Later when in a session with a wizard who’s wife didn’t know he enjoyed the odd jinx in bed, she wondered how both magic folk and muggles could be so alike, all this extracting of secrets was simply a business of knowing where to look and who to get off.


BONUS PROMPT: haggled prompt number 6- fantasy (genre swap)

By: do-you-have-a-flag (team new scotland yard)


deliberately emulating pottermore’s art style a little here

Sherlock checked the extracted potion in the dim light, John was fairly proficient in potions and chemistry but the way Sherlock had combined the two sciences in his research had rather left John behind.
“Just as I suspected, there are traces of polyjuice potion.” 
He glanced at John expectantly and at his blank look sighed.
“Do I have to explain everything? The maker of the potion mixes in pieces of a person’s dna, usually through hair, and it allows them to take on the physical appearance of that person for a short while.”
John stared at the small vial dubiously.
“How come I’ve never heard of that, sounds like something good to know.”
“Well it’s hardly common knowledge, only a handful of rare books have the instructions to make it, not something you’d find unless you spent a lot of time in the restricted section of Hogwart’s library as our culprit must have presumably done given his age range.”
John Remembered going in the restricted section on a dare once, he had narrowly avoided getting caught by Filtch and his mate Mike had been surprised he really did it.
“Age range? So your say the guy isn’t really an 80 year old witch from Bulgaria?”
“Obviously, but right now he probably still looks like one, I thought something was off when I saw him, the posture and behaviour were far too inconsistent with the body.”